helpdesk for all

We have been helping our parents with their multimedia problems for the last 20 years. That is how we created Fixilver: A helpdesk for all

As we move to an all-digital, paperless world, tech companies are ignoring large sections of the older population that are struggling to keep up. Yet it is so important to understand this universe in order to evolve independently.

Whether you need training, advice, support, we are present in one click.

Our mission is to guide you towards digital independence in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Fixilver Team

Lorraine Martin-Du Pan

Lorraine Martin-Du Pan, CEO,  is an entrepreneur passionate about technology and communication. After 10 years in the news industry at RTS and Eurovision, she created Boutique Film, an alpine digital media company. Polyvalent, multi-lingual, hard working she manages every aspect of the company.  Lorraine built this successful company with minimal financial support while raising 3 children.

Martin Palotai

Martin Palotai, COO, Compliance & Regulatory professional with nearly 15 years experience working for the Thomson Reuters regulated trading platforms  and for Switzerland’s largest regulated hedge fund, Jabre Capital. Martin is also a board member and Head of Finance & Technical Operations for Boutique Film SARL and Fixilver.

Edward Martin-Du Pan

Edward Martin-Du Pan, Legal adviser, completed his law studies in 2005. He was admitted to the Geneva Bar as a qualified lawyer in 2007. Edward was made Partner at Bruderlein Berthoud Martin-Du Pan & Dubois Ferrière law firm in 2012.