Fixilver is an online platform that connects instantly IT Pros to individuals with computer problems. Basically it is a helpdesk for all.

The philosophy behind the startup is to waste no time with IT struggles.
Through the web browser and in just one click you connect instantly to an IT expert. Consequently he/she will guide you through your computer problems.

Fixilver wishes to transform the IT Support landscape. Hence it offers an instantaneous easy and reliable solution.

Why waste time with Computer Problems?

“When there is a computer problem we want it sorted immediately and not in 24 hours” says Martin Palotai the COO of Fixilver. “Most problems can be dealt within minutes if you know what you are doing” clarifies the entrepreneur.

Fixilver focuses on an immediate problem relief. Therefore there is no minimal fee and the price is per minute. Furthermore, the first contact is free. Consequently clients can decide whether they trust and like the experience.

How to keep up with a digital world?

As the world becomes more digital, tech companies forget a section of the population that struggles to keep up.

Most people wait on their relatives to help with their computer problems. Consequently the wait can be long.

Alternatively, numerous companies offer individuals an IT Support solution. The industry standard is based on the corporate model.
In other words:
– monthly maintenance contract
– expensive home intervention
– appointment booking which can vary from 24 hours to a week

Costs escalade quickly since providers add travel expenses to their hourly rate.

The startup fixes 85% of the problems from a distance. Hence Fixilver saves on travel expenses.

Fixilver sorts out most of the problems in under 30 minutes. Therefore it encourages short and frequent connections.

The dream of Fixilver is to help individuals with their computer problems. It wants to do it in the most efficient and cost effective way. It hopes that the less computer literate segment of society gaines in autonomy. It wants to become a helpdesk for all

In a growing digital universe, nobody should be stuck behind a screen. Because a screen is a window to life.

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